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We specialize in helping children communicate by partnering with parents and caregivers.


Our team of licensed and ASHA certified speech-language pathologists, offer a family-centered approach to care. 
Our experienced and dedicated therapists are passionate in offering quality care to our children and families.  We have been providing top notch intervention in the greater Atlanta area since 2002.

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We understand the anatomy and physiology of the speech and feeding systems and have training in the latest therapeutic interventions to help your child overcome speech and feeding challenges.  Please get in touch to schedule an initial consultation.

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Through a comprehensive evaluation, we determine the appropriate treatment plan to improve your child's clarity of speech.  Assessing the oral structures and their function along with how they work together with the "whole child" will aid in appropriate intervention for successful speech production.  

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We believe in a "whole child" family-centered approach as we understand and respect how the body is connected and all systems impact one another while working together.  A child's sensory system, positioning, medical intervention, nutrition, sleep, etc. impact our therapy sessions.  Parents and child care providers are viewed as the leader of the team and an active part of our therapy sessions for home carryover.  We help each parent and caregiver understand the therapy goals and how to embed them into everyday daily life in a fun age-appropriate way. 

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Play-based intervention in everyday routines facilitating an increase in receptive (understanding) and expressive language skills helps our youngest

learners gain functional

skills for excellent

carryover. We continue

helping school-age

learners by collaborating

with the educational and therapeutic team while focusing on specific

language based learning

challenges.  Pragmatic

language (social skills) are

extremely important for academic and social success throughout your lifespan.  The Social Thinking methodologies and curriculum is embedded in our sessions to improve pragmatic language starting in preschool or when developmentally appropriate.  When needed, sensory integration strategies are incorporated into therapy for regulation and organization so each child is in an optimal zone to attend and learn. 

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Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy


We are pediatric speech-language pathologists providing quality care to families in Atlanta, GA since 2002.

* natural environment (homes & private schools)
* whole child approach
* multidisciplinary treatment

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